Top 5 Myths about Prostitutes

The term ‘prostitute’ is usually measured to refer to a woman over the age of approval who keenly exchanges sexual services for money. The name, though, includes much more.  It is considered that all types of engagement in the sex industry are it as, a pornographic actor, a lap dancer or a ‘call girl’ signifies prostitution.  ‘Prostitute’ is a term those who work in the sex industry are looking for moving away from, arguing it is connected with the idea of a dirty woman (slut, whore, etc.), and ‘sex worker’ refers to the person who is a member of a rightful profession.

Some feminists have been significant of prostitutes for underlining sex-role stereotypes by permitting themselves to be sex objects or for participating in the sex industry, which many think ads to violence against women. Many see sex work as violence in and of itself, particularly when children and young girls are involved. But there are certain myths associated with prostitutes. Some of them are:

  1. Prostitutes are themselves responsible for this sort of violence:
    No one asks to be battered. The truth that many prostitutes are frightened by the police prevents them from exposing acts of aggression against them, and executors know this. Anti-prostitute laws and social behaviours set prostitutes up for violence.
  2. Majority of prostitutes are survivors of childhood sexual abuse:
    Some are and some are not. Even for those who are, that does not mean that they are incompetent of making decisions for themselves. Their profession has nothing to relate to their past. Their work is their choice.
  3. Prostitutes are degraded and prostitution is always a degrading act:
    There is nothing humiliating about earning a sincere living the best way you know how. Some would observe janitorial work as demeaning, but that’s not the case either. Many people are involved in this industry and they all play an equal part be it prostitutes or the clients who need to pleasure themselves.
  4. Prostitution is an easy way to make huge money:
    Prostitution is not always effortless and convenient and can be absolute dangerous sometimes. The financial rewards are typically overstated: if sex workers made half as much money as some people imagine there would not be dispossessed or on the streets.
  5. Prostitutes spread HIV and other STDs to the common public:
    Prostitutes are more probable to use condoms as compared to non-prostitutes and are also more expected to know how to recognize an STD. They are trained to use precautions to save themselves from HIV and STDs.

Prostitution is a vast industry with over million people involved. The myths are bound to spread but people should only believe the truth and search for facts since no work in degraded; only mentality is.