Why Is There a Psychological Appeal For Prostitutes In Men?

For a profession which is considered the ‘oldest in the world’ and generates annual revenue of over $100 Billion worldwide, prostitution sure is treated with rather unfair indifference. Nobody knows where and why one of the most joy generating streams of work started being recognized as a taboo, but in modern society, sex workers are frowned upon because of many reasons developed in the stagnant minds of orthodox people. Depending on the jurisdiction of an area, prostitution can be legal or illegal, considered an enforced or unenforced crime, or even be a full-time regulated profession. For where it is (or isn’t) legal, prostitution is practised in specialized establishments called brothels. Brothels are designed places where pleasure is provided to the customers by experienced ladies who specialize in making a man happy. Good sex can change everything about how a man deals with things. It is a perfect stress buster; it gives a medium of output to express all of a man’s deepest desires, emotions and fantasies.

Men all over the world have always found prostitution to be an easier way to get some action, than compromising their natural behaviours hoping to lure a woman into a casual relationship. Even then, expecting a lady to perform just as you expect is a risky move as it could upset her and end your chances on further interaction. On the other hand, prostitutes are professionals in providing that one thing men seek in their sexual lives; the feeling of independence. As in the independence from caring about pleasing the lady as she’ll always seem to enjoy what you do and be convincing at it. Independence from holding back your fantasies, mentally debating what’s appropriate and what’s not, since the woman would in fact, offer things you haven’t imagined. All of this is what makes prostitution so psychologically attractive to men.

Even married men have been known to pay regular visits to their favourite brothels all over the world. As culturally unacceptable and sociopathic it sounds, this has saved many marriages. Some couples develop a strong understanding towards each other and realize that all the needs of a man are not necessarily to be fulfilled by his wife. Men have complex minds and even complex fantasies. The relationship of a man and his wife involves them to consummate their marriage in a way both of them are comfortable. Sex is one small part of a marriage. Prostitution is a service which has saved many marriages. Though it may be classified under infidelity under some definitions by religious fanatics and maybe even the English dictionary, but a married man hiring a prostitute can, in no way be considered cheating. It is not an affair, but just a medium to take out all the frustrations and fantasies to help the lives of the couple be at peace and enjoy a properly functioning married life.

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