Why is Prostitution the Oldest Profession in the World?

For millions of passionate men and women who ‘love making love’ the above-mentioned title is merely a string of text as they better know what passionate lovemaking is. Yes! Sex engaged sessions and wild intimacy is what every man and almost every woman wants direly in their lives. But the word ‘prostitution‘, has created some sort of giant barrier in the minds of people and society.

The so-called lords and caretakers of morality who imposed sanctions on prostitution and tried to punish the indulgers were themselves the craziest sex cravers. However, whatever the notion may be, but the fruitful reality of today’s 21st century is that paid sex is not illegal in the eyes of law in many developed nations. Australia is one such nation has opened up the horizons for sex workers to engage freely and willfully in the most erotic professions of the world, spreading cuddling moments with men of their choice. The sex jobs in Melbourne Australia are absolutely legal and all brothels come under the regulated purview of the government.

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