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Prostitution and Morality: An Age Long Debate

The world’s oldest profession, prostitution is also considered one of the most immoral ones. But why is so the case? The modern society, that challenges the belief system of the generation before them, boasts of having an open mind and showcases a thought process that far surpasses the logical ideals of what used to be considered right, still hasn’t managed to treat the profession of paid sex providers with due respect. In a world of several legal job descriptions that involve ruining lives and conning money from people, all prostitution brings to the world is happiness, satisfaction and peace, directly or indirectly. The primary reason why erotic jobs have been frowned upon in the society is mostly that of the deranged definition and relationship between the concepts of love and bodily intimacy that has been passed on and shoved down the throats of young minds for generations and will continue for generations to come.

Of course, the two are connected. But it has been exaggerated and confused with so many other things. Sexual intimacy is one of the aspects of love and affection for a person. But the body has been naturally designed to perform certain functions. Just like we have to eat, and digest food, we have urges that we need to satisfy. After an age, when a man or a woman discover their sexuality, they have a need to find a partner to mate with. Sometimes due to various factors, a man may not be able to find a suitable mate and this can disrupt other aspects of the person’s lifestyle. This is where brothels come in and save the day by providing a person with exactly what they need in such a scenario, i.e. a chance to get intimate with the opposite gender at will in exchange for a certain sum of money. The way I see it, prostitution has been an aid to battle the constantly dropping level of happiness in the world.

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