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Breaking Some Myths about the Oldest Profession in the World

We all know that prostitution is the oldest profession and it is in existence for centuries now; no one can deny the crucial role that prostitutes have played in the society. The idea of visiting prostitutes has always been a taboo topic and the misperceptions regarding the whole idea of prostitution was always there. Society couldn’t find the positive and progressive side of the prostitution and paid sex; hence a majority of people lived with a bunch of myths regarding prostitution.

Due to these myths only, men have to kill their sexual desires and abandon the idea of visiting a brothel. Here is breaking some myths about the oldest profession in the world- these myths could be the reasons also, the reason which has stopped you from visiting a brothel, so after reading this myth you might consider going to a brothel.

If you are visiting a prostitute you are morally corrupt

No! You are not. Giving some money for consensual sex doesn’t make you corrupt, forcing sex and intimacy to someone surely do. Sex is as natural as anything else and how can someone having consensual sex be termed morally corrupted. So if this is your problem, then basically it’s not a problem it is just a matter of thinking. Visiting brothel doesn’t make you morally corrupt; catch a bit up with progression.

Punters are lonely single men

It is a really pesky myth that only addictive, lonely and sexually retarded men visit brothels. Men who are in a happy romantic relationship can also go to brothels to learn the art intimacy/foreplay, to explore the inner sexual desires, to have a change, to practice and get better and for many other reasons. It should be understood that “all kinds of men can go to prostitutes irrespective of their background, persona, relationship status and size”

Men visit sex workers for sex only

Hey guys! Just know one thing escort services, especially of this time and age, are not just about going to brothel having the intercourse and pay for it. It is not. You can call an escort for the good cozy company, rug n tug services, to take her out on a date and even for just putting your head on her lap and sleep. Escorts are available for many a number of services.

These three myths were something that needs to be addressed; apart from these, there is an endless number of myths that should be broken. Every individual has their own set of myths and you need to encounter them all by yourself. But, what can be surely said here is that prostitution is not something shy of. If you feel going to a brothel, do go.

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