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We are hiring receptionists!

You must be a licensed receptionist. We have nightshift positions available and casual positions available.

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Our rates are

  • $28/hr after 7pm
  • $32/hr after midnight
  • $35/hr Sat + Sun

We are always looking for staff. This includes cleaners, gardeners, maintenance staff, receptionists, managers and hostesses. Feel free to get in touch with us if you would like to discuss employment for one of these positions.

The hourly rates paid to our receptionists are amongst the highest in the industry with penalties paid for night shift, weekends and public holidays.

According to current laws and legislation, it is illegal in Victoria to advertise employment for sex workers to work in the sex industry. This means that no brothel, including the Pink Palace, is permitted to advertise prostitution jobs in Melbourne.

Advertising for sex work and escort jobs is prohibited in Melbourne under the Sex Work Act 1994 for several reasons, the main one being to prevent the encouragement of young women to work in the prostitution industry. While this reasoning is perfectly understandable, it does make it really difficult for brothels to find the staff who are necessary to the operation of the business.

As a result of these strict restrictions, we are forced to rely on 'word of mouth' and our reputation to attract people to fill any brothel jobs we have available. We are always accepting applications for any positions within the business and are always on the lookout for reliable, friendly, professional people to join our team. Our reputation in the industry as a quality employer is well deserved. We provide a safe and engaging brothel work environment within a professional team.

We take pride in our service

At the Pink Palace we pride ourselves on having the most friendly, erotic, approachable and professional staff and management in the industry.

As an organisation, we are committed to providing the best service possible to each and every client, from some of the best sex workers in Melbourne - and Australia. We are imaginative and original in our approach and this results in happy staff, happy working girls and, most importantly, happy clients.

We work effectively as a team to ensure the smooth running of the day-to-day operations, a positive experience for all clients and, therefore, a successful business. We are extremely proud of our reputation in the adult services industry and we provide these services with professionalism, care, competence and pride.

Your pleasure is our passion

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Opening Hours

Mon10am til 4am
Tue10am til 4am
Wed10am til 5am
Thu10am til 7am
Fri10am til 8am
Sat10am til 10am
Sun10am til 4am