When you first enter The Palace Brothel South Melbourne you will be warmly greeted by our friendly receptionist.

You will then be taken to a private waiting room where you will be able to meet all our beautiful ladies one by one.

Once you have selected a lady you will be taken to one of our ultra luxury bedroom suites where you can totally relax and unwind with the lady of your choice.

We have a world-wide reputation so you can be assured you will not be disappointed with any aspect of our service.

Pink Palace


We have the largest selection of ladies in Melbourne brothels so you can be assured that we would have the night lady just for you.

All of our ladies have been fully trained in the art of seduction so you know you will be very well looked after.



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Q - How large is The Palace South Melbourne?
A - We have 6 large luxury bedrooms with en-suites.

Q - What type of ladies do you have working at The Palace South Melbourne?
A - Our ladies comes from primarily Australia and all over the world!

Q - Is The Palace South Melbourne private and discreet?
A - Yes... We have a very private and discreet rear entrance and exit which makes it almost impossible to be seen by anyone.

Q - What are the methods of payment at The Palace South Melbourne?
A - We accept Cash, EFTPOS, Mastercard & Visa. We also provide an ATM on site.

Q - Have the ladies been checked at The Harem South Melbourne?
A - Yes... it is required by law that the ladies be tested for STI's every 3 months.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a real-life sex worker at The Palace brothel South Melbourne? What would it be like to sell your body in exchange for money?

To some sex workers it's an empowering feeling to use men to earn money to be able to afford to buy whatever you want. But to many others it's turning women into nothing more than sexual gratification for men.

How did you get into sex work? How long have you worked at The Palace brothel?

“I started in 2019. I was 22 years old and working full time. I just realised that I was getting nowhere earning such ridiculously low money because it was impossible to save.”

What types of services do you offer at The Palace brothel?

“The Palace brothel is a full-service establishment so each girl can provide a wide range of services. But for me personally, I specialise in providing a passionate girlfriend experience. However, for those who want something a little rougher I can also provide a 'porn star experience, or something in between.”

Are there any services that you won't provide at The Palace brothel?

“The one thing I won't do is any sort of incest role as I just don't have it in me to act it out. I also won't take part in and water sports and most fetish type requests. I also protect myself by turning down two guys at the same time.”

What type of clients do you see at The Palace brothel?

“I try and avoid clients with a big penis as this could put me out of work for the rest of the day, and I have at different times turned down clients down because of size, mostly to avoid soreness. Otherwise, I make clients book at least two hours if possible, so at least the money will be worth the pain, which leaves more time for foreplay which is very necessary with clients like this.”

Do you orgasm with clients at The Palace brothel?

“Yes, I orgasm most times with my clients.”

“I'm usually in a different headspace when it happens. Sometimes I find it easier to come to work then in my own personal life because I feel less pressure. I don't really care whether the client thinks I'm faking it or not.”

“When I already have the money at the point an orgasm is just a little extra sexual gratitude. But with guys in my personal life, it just puts more pressure on myself, and sometimes I get self-conscious about how long it takes, and this can stress me out.”

“I always come with fat guys no matter what, provided I'm on top of course.”

Do you ever actually develop feelings for the client at The Palace brothel.

“I never get too attached to a client. The bigger problem is ensuring they don't get too attached to me. There must always be boundaries and the clients must never try and extend them.”

When do you feel clients may be overstepping the mark?

“I never like clients asking too many questions about my private life, so I ensure that I do not lead them on into thinking there is something more than sex in exchange for the payment of money.”

Would you ever consider stopping work at The Palace brothel for a client?

“No, because I believe a relationship which stems from a client/working girl type arrangement will never work on the outside. I always recommend that clients see a variety of different girls, so they don't get attached to any one girl in particular. This would also reduce the chances of being stalked.”

Do you think you will one day start a family?

“No, a family is not something I have on my mind at the moment as I am way too focused on making lots of money. Maybe one day when I get older, I might think differently but for now its money first and family later.”

Does your family know you work at The Palace brothel?

“My mum, my best friend and my former boyfriend know about my profession, but I am afraid of my dad and brothers finding out.”

“I broke down and confessed everything to my parents about working at The Palace brothel as a sex worker a little while ago while I was on holidays. Only my mum knows I've returned but deep down I think the rest of my family already know but haven't said anything.”

What is the most money a sex worker has made at The Palace brothel?

“I have heard one client spent $16,800 at The Palace brothel being 2 girls for 24 hours each. I also know of some clients taking a lady out to Crown casino or giving them large tips.”

What is the biggest misconception regarding being a sex worker at The Palace brothel?

“Generally, most people think I am dirty, desperate, and drug addicted.”

“I am not dirty, and I am tested for STI every 3 months. I'm also not desperate as I chose to do this fully knowing and having researched exactly what I was doing. I am definitely not drug addicted.”

What is the main difference between a prostitute and a sex worker at The Palace brothel?

“A prostitute is usually a drug addicted street worker whereas a sex worker is more of an independent businesswoman who works for a purpose, and is properly structured and not addicted to any substances.

What feeling to do you get from being a sex worker at The Palace brothel?

“I feel free and independent being a sex worker whereby I can work whenever I want and make as much money as I like. I can earn more money in one night then I would in a whole week doing something else. There is also this feeling of empowering in having guys wanting to pay money to spend time with me.”

“I make a wage nearly twice the national average for someone my age and can afford most things others my age can't. I can now spend my free time writing, reading, exploring and have more time than ever to devote to going out.”

“My profile, my hours, my clients, are all in my control, and all my clients respect that.”

Would you say to those people who say sex work at The Palace brothel is degrading?

“We are selling our bodies with respect to the physical aspect of sex work, but sex work is just that – work.”

“I shouldn't be ashamed about posting provocative photos. My body is my own, to show off in whichever way I like. What we do with our bodies belongs to us.

Does sex work at The Palace brothel make you less of a person?

“There is nothing inherently wrong with enjoying sex as a woman or expressing that in any way you like with a consenting partner. Being a sex worker does not make you any less of a person.”

Does sexual assault exist at The Palace brothel?

“No, as the brothel is protected inside and out via CCTV cameras and panic buttons are installed in each of the work rooms to alert the receptionist should any problem arise.”

Is this a lifetime profession?

“This is definitely a career for me, and I don't have any plans to stop at the moment. However, once I reach my goals I might review my position.”





Arguments for:

The Palace brothel is generally a very easy walk in brothel where all you need to do is provide the service, get paid, and go home. There is no additional work like with private escorting such as arranging bookings, answering phone calls, responding to e-mails and text messages, social media enquiries, writing up advertisements, creating a website, writing content, organising photoshoots, editing photos booking flights, picking hotels, arranging security etc.

There are no set up costs such as creating websites and arranging photoshoots. While working at The Palace brothel these costs are paid by the business and all you all required to do is attend the brothel and provide the service with everything else taken care of by the business providing the clients for you.

The Palace brothel provides a low barrier to entry in terms of set up costs and convenience. You can commence work at The Palace brothel as long as you are over 18 years old with virtually no knowledge of how it works, and someone will show you. The Palace brothel is a great way to accumulate knowledge and commence a career in the adult industry before moving into private escorting.

The Palace brothel would provide a safer environment to work in. There is generally many other sex workers and support staff available to offer assistance when required. There is CCTV cameras available inside and outside the premises and all the work rooms are fitted with panic button alarms. Should there be a problem with the client help is only moments away.

Working at The Palace brothel creates a strong bond amongst the sex workers who are all doing the same thing. It creates a sense of belonging by just being together as opposed to working alone as in private escorting.

Arguments against:

There are long set shifts of 9 hours, so you lose the flexibility of being able to work whenever you felt like it. The amount of idle time sitting around in the girl's room when it is quiet can really get to you. There is no guaranteed income and if you do no bookings because of a quiet shift and it can end up costing you money by virtue of having to pay the cost of the taxis to attend work and return home.

The Palace brothel takes 50% of your earnings for renting the room to you. It would make more sense if you could keep all the money you make without having to give half to the brothel. The brothel can even put a maximum ceiling on the amount you can ask for fantasies or tips.

The Palace brothel has so many rules and regulations as compared to working alone. There are set shifts, requirements to remake the bed, wipe down the shower, clean up the room, dress code, procedure for payment, etc. I believe that seeing I am providing the service I should apply my own rules and not have to follow all the rules and regulations of the The Palace brothel.

Some of the brothel managers can be lovely but then there are some who are not as warm and friendly. I just don't like being told what to do like a child by managers who have never worked in the sex industry and have little or no understanding how difficult the job can be.


Arguments for:

Private escorting is the opposite of being locked into a 9-hour set shift. You are free to work and take bookings whenever you wish. You can structure private escorting work around your life and attend to other things.

There are no restrictions on the amount of money you can earn. Unlike brothel work there is no one determining the prices you can charge. You determine the charge for the services you provide, and you choose when you work.

Private escorting allows you to control your time, the service you provide, your own individual marketing, your image and your clientele.

Private escorting eliminates the need to introduce yourself to the client on a one-by-one basis. There is nothing more embarrassing and desperate than having to sell yourself to a client so that he would book you. With private escorting once a client contacts you, he has already indicated he wishes to book you. There is no need to convince him or compete with others.

Arguments against:

Private escorting can be very lonely particularly if you live alone. The lack of social contact with other people except clients can really get to you.

When you don't have any other sex workers around you like at The Palace brothel, there is no one to turn to when you have a difficult client, or to double check a price, or just someone to provide comfort at difficult times.

There is no guidebook regarding private escorting. No one tells you what to do, what to expect, what to charge. You are told absolutely nothing. For this reason, it's sometimes better to start your career in the sex industry by starting at The Palace brothel before venturing into private escorting.

Private escorting attracts endless time wasters. I would say 80% are a waste of time sending me rude photos, cheapskates harassing me to go cheaper than my advertised rates, asking me out on a date, or continually asking me to provide bareback sex.

Private escorting is competing against literally hundreds of other girls posting their advertisements and websites on adult directories. As private escorts advertising online got more desperate, so did the list of services they offered their clients. Many girls would start off very safe (offering safe sexual) and then as time progressed, become less caring and riskier in what they would offer. Aside from the list of unsafe services, many private escorts as they become quiet, would often start lowering their price per hour! Then many girls would follow suit and think they need to do the same to ensure they get clients, and this begins to educate the clients to pay less, and then they will never pay more.

Private escorting will never be as safe as working at The Palace brothel. It's very hard to find a security guy that you can trust to monitor you while you're in bookings, who genuinely isn't going to try and get free sex for his services. I've had arguments with clients regarding money the moment I've entered the hotel room and when I go to call my security guard, he doesn't even answer his phone.

Private escorting involves far more work than working at The Palace brothel whereby the business takes care of virtually everything. You become responsible for arranging bookings, answering phone calls, responding to e-mail and text messages, social media enquiries, writing up advertisements, creating a website, writing content, organising photoshoots, editing photos booking flights, picking hotels, arranging security etc. Its endless because you are running your own business.



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