Prostitution is commonly described as the world's oldest profession. The presence of hookers in Melbourne has its roots in the arrival of the First Fleet, when the first female convicts brought prostitution with them - either as a profession or as a means of barter or trade. Though it was considered illegal, it soon flourished due to the demand for prostitutes among both single and married men.

In conservative Victorian times, many married men found that they had certain needs that their wives could not fulfil. At this time, finding a woman to fulfil those needs for money was always secretive and sometimes only available to a select few, or those 'in the know'.

Over the next several decades, as the country developed and the number of Melbourne prostitutes grew, the adult services industry boomed with it. Gradually, pressure was put on the Victorian government to legislate this unstoppable, flourishing trade.

At the end of the last century, legislation came into effect to legalise prostitution in Victoria. The mentality behind this decision was that, if it was impossible to stop hookers practicing their trade, legalising it could at least control the practice – and maybe even generate revenue through charging for licence fees.

In large part, legislation did put a stop to organised crime and corruption, while limiting brothel ownership to one-per-person, helped stop a potential monopoly in the industry.

How we came about

The Pink Palace came about as a result of that legislation. Originally the Mermaids Cave, Caesars Retreat, Bubbles Bath House and Studio 7 were all brothels belonging to one owner.

Built in a large, 12-room building, the Pink Palace was one of the first brothels to be legalised under the new legislation, and is one of Melbourne's biggest and most respected brothels.

We have a good reputation both within the industry and among clients, and are commonly used by government regulators as an example or guide for other brothels on 'how it should be done'.

We pride ourselves on our high level of professionalism, and on having some of the most beautiful and professional hookers in Melbourne. Considered by many to be the best and friendliest brothel in the business, we have been in operation for over 30 years, and have consistently done our best to provide the highest standard of adult services available.

Unfortunately, there are still some establishments, such as illegal massage parlours, that ignore the law. Such places are not regulated by the controlling prostitution body for building codes, safety or the workers' sexual health. These operations are unlawful and are putting both clients and hookers at risk.

At the Pink Palace, we adhere strictly to all licensing codes and fees. All our lovely ladies undergo regular health and STD checks. We always do our best to provide an above-board, safe and secure environment for our working girls to do what they do best and for our clients to enjoy the best possible experience.

When visiting the Pink Palace prostitutes, you can rest assured that you will have a safe, positive experience, and our sexy ladies will make sure you leave happy. We can't wait to make you feel very welcome!

Your pleasure is our passion

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